We offer psychedelic retreats in a safe, legal, and comfortable setting with experienced facilitators and a registered nurse. We aim to make the psychedelic experience accessible to first timers, as well as experienced people who want to explore psychedelics in a deeper and more intentional way.

We place the psychedelic experience amidst mindfulness training and our program includes a course of meditation practice with guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.

Our Mission

  • We hope to enable people to broaden their minds, develop insight and understanding, accelerate personal development and stimulate creative breakthroughs.
  • To offer a safe and supportive environment for people who want to take psilocybin in a controlled and comfortable setting. We believe this environment is paramount for any productive and beneficial exploration and all sessions are supervised by experienced facilitators.
  • To create a physical setting that is designed to maximise the positive benefits of psilocybin. We believe the setting is hugely important in shaping the experience and we pay special attention to comfort, sound and light.
  • To increase accessibility of psychedelic experiences. Moving away from shamanistic new age associations of the psychedelic experience, we aim to provide a retreat which is compatible with contemporary Western values and beliefs.
  • To teach our guests basic meditation techniques such as focused attention and mindfulness to prepare for psychedelic sessions and as a tool to use for a more awakened life.

Our Motivations

We’ve experienced huge benefit from psychedelics and seen it in others too. Psychedelics have helped us to gain a deeper appreciation of life, to heal, to live more creative, curious and mindful lives. We want to share and spread these gifts that we have received.

We believe that psychedelic experiences have a significant role to play in creating a better world. At a time in the story of humanity where increased awareness and accelerated change is needed on a global level, we believe that psychedelics are some of the most powerful tools at our disposal, given they can have the ability to accelerate awareness and change on the individual level.

We consider facilitating deep psychedelic journeys to be humbling work and find it deeply meaningful to support others through the stages of a psychedelic experience, from preparation through to integration.

John Robertson

John Robertson

John has spent the last 8 years researching, writing about and exploring first hand psychedelic substances in a wide range of contexts; from shamanic use in the Americas to modern retreats in Europe and the Caribbean.

On his mission to make safe experiences accessible John has been facilitating psychedelic sessions both privately and on retreat since 2017. Wanting to change the conversation around psychedelics, he has been involved with film projects, public speaking, podcasts and conferences. Meditation is a cornerstone of John’s personal practice and it is through his influence that it is such an integral part of our retreat program. A mindfulness coach, John facilitates and organises meditation groups, and alongside Maria, hosts psychedelic integration workshops in Berlin.

His experience of having participated, assisted and facilitated in 100+ psychedelic sessions, combined with his compassionate approach make him an excellent facilitator for your retreat.

John writes at Maps Of The Mind.

Maria Lolo

Maria Lolo

Maria is a holistic counsellor and holds a masters of science in clinical neuropsychology from Leiden University. Gaining a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human mind has always been Maria’s passion. Her core professional focus is on attachment difficulties, the interconnection between our physical, mental and spiritual life, and the use of psychedelics as a tool for healing and personal growth. Her profound interest on all of these topics was born out of her personal experience.

Trained as a Chi Nei Tsang bodyworker, Maria weaves theoretical and practical knowledge to help people reconnect with their body and grow in awareness of its innate wisdom. She is a co-founder of Ōsmos studio in Berlin, where alongside her private practice as a holistic counsellor, she hosts workshops about relationships, intimacy, and altered states of consciousness. She also facilitates private psychedelic sessions and, alongside John, organises monthly psychedelic integration circles.

During the retreat she will be sharing her knowledge to help you reconnect with your body’s wisdom. Her warm energy and understanding presence make her a great facilitator.

Tuk Rask

Tuk Rask

Tuk discovered psychedelics when a deep crisis after prolonged depression forced him to reconsider his long held aversion to all mind-altering substances and look beyond conventional medicine. By a lucky coincidence Tuk stumbled upon an experienced underground MDMA therapist and decided to give it a try with his brother Bue. The MDMA therapy and ensuing magic truffle sessions facilitated immense healing and a whole new understanding of his life leading up to that point. Afterwards he traveled to Peru and with the help of ayahuasca finally found healing of the greatest depths.

These experiences sparked in Tuk a passionate curiosity about psychedelics, plant medicines, psychology and spirituality. He has since been studying the history of psychedelics and how these mysterious substances work in conjunction with the mind, body, and the subconscious, and how they work in treating trauma. He has explored these subjects extensively in South America and since 2016 has been facilitating private and group sessions in his endeavour to share the benefits he has received.

By co-creating New Moon Retreats Tuk hopes to make this kind of experience available to many more people. His knowledge and experience with psychedelics make him an excellent person to design our program and facilitate your experience.

Ulla Petersen

Ulla Petersen

Educated as a yoga teacher in 1975, Ulla has extensive experience in teaching all kinds of people. Her focus is on classic hatha yoga, using breathing, relaxation, and physical exercises to create connection between body and mind.

Ulla's philosophy stems from her teacher Guni who was educated under Satyananda in India in the 60s. After returning to Europe, Guni branched out from her school as she chose to integrate yoga in a western way of living. Whilst the core remains loyal to the old disciplines, this way of adapting of ancient wisdom to a Western way makes her a perfect fit for the New Moon vision.

As a nurse Ulla is experienced in surgery and psychiatry and has been working with people suffering from psychotic breaks and personality disorders. This as well as her personal psychedelic experience have developed an understanding presence and an ability to connect with people. Her warmth and strong intuition for supporting people through challenges make her an excellent presence for your retreat.


From start to finish I felt in good hands. This is due to both the comfortable surroundings and Tuks calm, patient and experienced guidance before, during and after the ceremony. This, and the magic truffle of course, was all helping to give me a fantastic journey that took me deep into myself while at the same time giving a great perspective on life. A safe experience from which I have taken many experiences with me in life.

— Niels, 35

John was a facilitator and space holder at a 10-day psilocybin retreat I attended in Jamaica. One could not hope for a nicer, more attentive, more chill human being than John when exploring psychedelics for the first time. John listens to you with with his whole attention and is eager to hear what you have to say. He has a good energy for this work. Recommended!

— Jesse P, 50

During the trip, Maria was the reason I felt extremely comfortable, even though everything around me was changing. She expressed a sense of security and calmness in this world that we were about to explore and positioned herself as the guide that we could follow. Maria’s emotional stability during the trip and professional collaborative analysis when coming down made it an unforgettable and educational experience.

I recommended her sessions to a lot of my friends, because I feel that her knowledge surrounding the topics of psychotherapy compared with her empathy and natural ability to connect with people on an emotional level make her the best guide into the world of psychedelics.

— K.P.

Tuk was my sitter through a beautiful and soft mushroom psilocybin trip. Before we met he shared informative texts about the effects to help me be well prepared. I was somewhat nervous on the day so we spend some time talking before I took the mushrooms. It helped a lot and my fear was close to gone.

Tuk had prepared a perfect setup for an introvert trip: fruits, juice, flowers, a blanket and best of all a very nice soundtrack. He checked on me from time to time, which helped me to feel safe and in good hands. I had a great time, with beautiful thoughts - perfect for a beginner. I can recommend it to everybody.

— Billie

I met John at a group 10 day psilocybin mushroom retreat I attended. I was at the retreat to heal past childhood sexual abuse so it was absolutely necessary to feel safe and supported by those holding space and facilitating while I journeyed. I felt totally safe and supported by John as a facilitator. John's energy and demeanour instantly put me at ease. He is easy to talk to and confide in. As a woman, having a male presence holding space helped me connect with these wounds since they did take place with a male. Because I felt safe with John I was able to go there. His compassion, non judgement and his passion for this work was palpable.

— Christine, 60, Licensed Massage/Bodywork Therapist

I had my first psychedelic experience under the guidance of Maria. I felt very comfortable having her as my guide, and if it wasn't for her calming and open nature, I don't think I could have managed what I encountered in my trip. Despite being a relatively positive person, I was exposed to profound sorrow and darkness that I subconsciously had been suppressing yet would see the symptoms of in my day to day life. Maria made me feel like I could confront those emotions and memories and once I sat through the darkness, the lighter side of the trip came and gave me the peace of mind and clarity I needed. Amongst many other things, this experience showed me that there is strength in vulnerability. After the session was over me and the other participant who happened to be a good friend of mine discussed our experience with Maria. This time to reflect was essential in helping us unpack and articulate the experience in a light but realistic way.

— M.T.

I am a 48yo woman from NYC, went to Jamaica to a psilocybin women’s retreat in March 2018 pursuing a spiritual journey. John was our guardian during the trips as well as an emotional support. He was incredibly kind and a steady reassuring presence, radiating goodness and always willing to help. In my main trip he appeared as a guardian light, and it was him I would go to for help.

— Adriana, 48, NYC.

Bue has sit for me through sessions using LSD, MDMA and psilocybin and I have always felt very safe. Under his calm presence and gentle support I have also managed to go through more challenging sessions where I got in contact with an enormous darkness.

— Allan, teacher, 40

John was one of our groups' facilitators at my one and only mushroom retreat in Jamaica. What a focused, kind and genuine person to have there. It's a potentially vulnerable and meaningful time when you're experiencing psilocybin. He was engaged, thoughtful and interested in being a positive presence for me. At one point, I had a sense of doom about being male and he deftly reassured me that I was okay and safe and shed some perspective light on the existential crisis. I'd like to thank him very much for his involvement in this psychedelic healing work.

— John, New Zealand

I would highly recommend John as a facilitator for psychedelic experiences. At my personal mushroom retreat I found John to be a very compassionate and understanding guide. We were doing high doses of mushrooms on this retreat and John was a steady presence during all our sessions.

— Zack, 39, student

I attended a psilocybin retreat in May 2018 as a first-timer to psychedelics. Feeling safe and secure during the sessions was of outmost importance to me. John attended as a facilitator and was part of providing the particular safety needed. Also, I found John to be attuned to my experience during the sessions and he was available on request if needed. All in all, I have no hesitations in recommending John as a facilitator in a psilocybin retreat.

— Male, 36, clinical psychologist

After having arrived in Jamaica for the Mycomeditations retreat, I began talking to John at a restaurant outside of the airport. We spoke about my reasons for considering psilocybin, and I remember thinking that he was a receptive and kind-hearted person. John has the seriousness and respect for the psychedelic experience that most people will never be able to acquire no matter how many times they dose. His body language and his speech are very deliberate. When I discovered that John would be my sitter—just before I ingested 6.5 grams of psilocybin on my final night at the retreat— I knew that I would be given the space and the freedom to play. His disarming presence, his silence, seemed to suggest a complete equanimity for outer expression. You can say that he helped “set the stage,” so to speak.

John sat there on that balcony watching over me as I became so many things. Like the strong wind that blew on the island that night, I took on a variety of shapes. The characters that I played became the vehicles of my transformation, and it was John’s unwillingness to interfere, his ability to intuit, and his willingness to improvise that gave me the poetic license to see him how I wished. For this, I am forever grateful.

— Shane Thompson, 40, Project Supervisor

I wanted to thank you John for the meditation sessions and for the good times 🤗 . These helped me during my semester here in calming my mind and grounding my soul. I learned a lot. And thank you for being genuine and kind ❤ . Hope to see you again.

— Sarah, 21, Student